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About the agency

HIDRO TOP Agency was established in 2015. under the activity code 7112 - Engineering and technical consulting. Throughout the Agency's work, new, but also acquired experiences in the field of civil engineering and civil engineering in the field of construction are being used by engaging experienced designers and responsible contractors with over 15 years of practical experience. HYDRO TOP deals with engineering services in a wider sense - design and production of project technical documentation, engagement of engineers in relation to responsible contractors, engagement of engineers in terms of supervision, consulting and consulting mediation in construction jobs.

Engineering services

We provide the realization of ideas through engineering thinking. Honesty, respect for technical norms, impartiality and openness in work are a feature of the daily work of HIDRO TOP engineers.

HIDRO TOP Agency provides a wide range of engineering services. Taking into consideration the real problems that surround us, the lack of ways to realize the idea, has led the grouping of engineers with the aim of providing professional realization services. This results in a professional way of implementing projects to the satisfaction of Investors and end-users. Engineering services in a wider sense, represent a technical and technological realization from the creator of the idea to the transfer of objects to use. Compliance with regulations in the field of construction of the company, technical norms, prethony of domestic and foreign experiences, are the basic directions of the operation of the engineers of the Agency HIDRO TOP.

Design of hydraulic structures

HIDRO TOP Agency provides hydrotechnical facilities for designing, such as all water supply, sewage, sewerage and stationary facilities in the field of hydraulic engineering. Numerous realized water supply and sewerage projects have created an experience in this field. Independently or in cooperation with other design agencies, water projects from various modern materials with associated facilities as well as sewage projects are identified. All projects are in line with the current legal regulations, so that the order-finders receive quick and usable project documentation in accordance with all technical standards.

Designing architectural objects

The constant need of the client is the design of various facilities with business and residential use. Designing individual facilities as well as facilities of production halls and facilities of other commercial services are part of the HIDRO TOP Agency's range of services. For these purposes, contracting authorities receive project documentation developed by top architects, statisticians, hydraulic technicians, road builders or electrical engineers. All requests are made in accordance with the law and technical norms in the area for which the project is intended.

Designing legalization and legalization of objects

For many years now, the actual darkness of the "legalization of objects" is re-actual. Legalization as an established term that has been in circulation for more than ten years has been replaced by the term "legalization of objects". Additionally, apart from the term itself, the Law introduced the form of simplicity, reduced costs, as well as the obligation to legalize objects that do not have all the previous legal and technical steps to be taken up to obtaining the operating license.

Projects of internal gas installations - UGI

In accordance with the Law on Planning and Construction, all new consumers have the need to obtain a building permit to connect gas to their facilities. The HIDRP TOP Agency is developing projects for Domestic Gas Installations (UGI) for residential buildings, collective housing facilities and business facilities in accordance with the regulations and Pravilnik, which was designated by JP Srbija gas. During the development of project documentation, interested new customers can get a full description of future installations, gas consumption options, selection of boiler equipment and heating plants. The service includes the development of an UGI project prior to obtaining a building permit and registration of works as well as contacting distributors of equipment and installers for installation and connection with the commissioning of installations.

Expertise in the field of construction

HIDRO TOP engineers have been successful in the field of building construction for many years. In dozens of various cases ordered for the purpose of judicial or extra-judicial proceedings, they have made extensive experience and knowledge of this area as well as the rules that exist in this sphere. For the purpose of expertise, besides good engineering knowledge of the subject, a sincere and impartial attitude towards clients is needed. The arts refer to various problems that can arise in the way of building objects, the way of using objects, various disregarding or ignorance of the Law that some jurisdictions regulate which brought or could lead to court proceedings.

Estimation of value of objects

The service provided by the Agency HIDRO TOP is also an assessment of the facilities. This is a wider area that is most commonly divided into assessing the value of facilities and assessing the quality of the facility at the time of the expertise. These services, except for court requirements, are also made for the needs of the contracting authorities who, for various reasons, need to estimate the value of the facility for further procedures of interest to the contracting authority, as well as assessing the condition of the facilities at the time of the expertise. The service refers to assessments of individual facilities or business facilities.

Estimation of age of objects

Through an expertise service, an assessment is made of facilities that were built before the adoption of the Building Construction Act, which were built long ago and have usable value and are subject to awareness and are required by local departments for urban planning and real estate cadastre. The objects that fall under this procedure are buildings built in rural areas before 1961 and in urban areas before 1948. Such objects do not require the procedure of classical legalization, but the expertise of the age of the building confirms the construction time and as such, along with the obligatory geodetic record of the plot - cadastral geodetic plan, are entered in the real estate cadastre according to the procedure carried out by the local self-government body through the cadastre of the real estate cadastre. After this procedure, the owners of such old buildings have legalized and drawn objects that can be further trafficked, or this avoids the implementation of the resolution on the demolition of illegally constructed buildings.

Surveillance of objects

For the needs of investors who are engaged in the execution company, HIDRO TOP Agency provides supervision services for the execution of facilities in accordance with the Law. Every construction of a building requires a professional approach that the investor does not have to personally have, but it is enough to leave his interests and entrust to expert supervision. The HIDRO TOP Agency has experience in the realization and supervision of facilities in the field of hydrotechnical facilities, high-rise buildings and road infrastructure - civil engineering. The service consists of monitoring the execution of the facility from a technical and administrative aspect, monitoring the course of the execution of works, verifying the documentation and the presented cross-cuts, until the handover of the works.


The obligation of any investment in the field of construction of objects is the engagement of the responsible contractor. HIDRO TOP Agency provides the services of engaging responsible executors for all hydraulic structures, road infrastructure facilities, building structures and electrical works in buildings. In cooperation with the contracting authorities, all procedures that the Law on Planning and Construction stipulate refer to the entire course of construction of the facility and monitoring from the technological, technical and administrative aspect. Licensed engineers cover all aspects of construction.

Technical inspection of the general - use permit

After the successful design and acquisition of the necessary building documentation, as well as after the execution of the works, the investors are obliged to execute the Technical Reception - an overview of the facility for the purpose of obtaining a usage permit. Only after obtaining a usage permit, the investment procedure has been completed and the building has been properly registered in the Real Estate Cadastre. The HIDRO TOP Agency successfully performs the Technical Overview of the facility whether it is a phase or full overview of the building - family buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, infrastructure facilities, etc. This procedure involves full technical cooperation with Investors, Contractors, urban planning departments in local self-government until the moment of submission of documentation through the CEOP for the purpose of obtaining a usage permit. In this process, reliable engineers are involved that monitor the receipt of works from their fields from construction works, electrical works, thermotechnical installations, fire protection installations to other works that are applied in the inspection facilities.

Technical counseling

The investment process at certain times requires expertise and opinions from engineers who have experience in the areas from which they can be engaged. HYDRO TOP provides advice in the field of hydraulics, road infrastructure and construction to investors in the moments of the start of the investment process or during construction. Experiences in terms of how to build, apply materials, engage mechanics and people, are just some of the details that can be of great importance in the form of advice or recommendations to Investors where the HIDRO TOP Agency engineers can make their contribution.


For the purpose of carrying out certain activities in the field of construction, HIDRO TOP Agency provides ultimate mediation from the idea through realization to the handover of the building. Consulting services in such activities are of great importance where the resources of the regular operations of several actors in the process are used. Finding optimal options for customer satisfaction is the basis of the HIDRO TOP Agency's engagement, where the knowledge and skills that the contractors often do not have and are reasonable enough to entrust part of the job to qualified and trained people.


We provide the production of project technical documentation in accordance with the Law and is delivered to the contracting authorities in printed and / or electronic form.

HIDRO TOP Agency develops project-technical documentation required by the Law on Planning and Construction. From the development of the Ideal Solution (IDR) required to obtain the Location Terms, through the development of the Conceptual Design (IDP), the Construction Permit Project (PGD) and the Implementation Project (PI) to the Project Implementation Facility (PIO).

Water and sewage projects

The HIDRO TOP Agency is very present in the County of Sumadija regarding the knowledge of the general condition of existing hydraulic installations, plans for the development and reconstruction of water supply and sewage systems, especially in Topola and Arandjelovac. Thus, over the past year, to the procurers of local self-government and public utility companies, documentation of water supply and drainage of public infrastructure systems has been delivered or delivered to contracting authorities in the field of economy and agriculture.

Fire protection projects and hydrant networks

The Law on Planning and the Ordinance on technical norms for installations of the hydrant network for extinguishing fire define the basics and needs for conducting hydrant network in business, public and production facilities. HIDRO TOP Agency has practical knowledge and experience in this field and in the previous years dozens of hydrotechnical installations with fire hydrant networks outside and within buildings have been built.

Projects of internal gas installations - UGI

For the needs of gas installations within households and other facilities, the first necessary step is the development of the Preliminary Design of Machine Installations (IDPs) of internal gas installations - UGI. For the needs of the contracting authority, in accordance with the issued conditions of Srbijagas, these projects are being developed, on the basis of which a building permit is obtained, which is also the second necessary step before the installation of the installations itself. From time to time, very successfully, UGI projects are being prepared for interested customers in the Municipality of Topola, which has been connected to the Srbijagas system since the middle of 2018.

Court and extra-judicial expertise

Experts from the field of construction by permanent court experts enrolled in the register of experts at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, through the Agency HIDRO TOP, are mainly conducted on the territory of the Kragujevac region in the municipalities of Arandjelovac, Topola, Rača. Not rarely, for the needs of the Commercial Court in Belgrade and the Public Prosecutor's Office in Kragujevac, there are also expert reviews outside this area. Expertise is performed at the court's request during court proceedings, but also for clients who want to provide evidence based on court proceedings. Experience in this field since almost a decade and hundreds of successfully completed expertises provide security in the execution of the business, but also a guarantee that clients and courts will have a good service.

Estimates of objects and estimation of age of objects

Estimates of objects are mainly carried out in determining the value of objects, the quality of construction, determining and providing evidence regarding the degree of derivation of an object's defect, as well as determining and estimating the age of objects. Looking at market movements, for many years, facilities are evaluated for the needs of clients, courts or holders of public authority for the purpose of implementing the desired procedures. Dozens of objects assessed in terms of value, quality, degree of derivation and age of buildings, provide security in accepting new challenges in this area, which HIDRO TOP successfully performs.

Execution and supervision of civil engineering and civil engineering works

Analyzing the needs of clients engaged in HIDRO TOP, it is established that there are relational and practical needs for engaging professional persons in the field of monitoring works during construction in terms of engagement or responsible contractor or supervision, as well as the need to implement the procedure for technical inspection of facilities for obtaining used permits. Experience in this area provides the client with the full service of building a building construction documentation based on monitoring of the received project documentation, drawing up billing sheets of construction books and accounting situations, reviewing and checking construction logs, overview of material consumption, monitoring the dynamics of works, preparation of progress reports in accordance with contracted works and other practical skills that customers generally ignore when starting the works, which are defined and mandated by the Law on Planning. Licensed designers and contractors have sufficient long-term experience and knowledge from the wider area of ​​civil engineering and civil engineering.

Our values

The values ​​of the Agency HIDRO TOP is participation in real estate activities in the field of civil engineering and building construction with the engagement of licensed responsible contractors and designers. Hydro-engineering projects already implemented in the field of designing or implementing installations as well as projects in the field of road infrastructure, electrical engineering, gas installations, reliability and value of the Agency HIDRO TOP.


Mission of the Agency HIDRO TOP is providing full services in the domain of engineering activities and technical consulting to customer satisfaction. In accordance with the Law on Planning and Construction, in the area of its own knowledge and experience, it provides the contractors with the security, reliability and quality of project documentation and other services in the field of civil engineering and welding.


Vision of the Agency HIDRO TOP is to improve its processes and procedures in a wider field of construction in accordance with the domestic laws and rules of the profession that are valid in the world. To engage professionals with experience to contribute to the improvement and sustainability of service quality in the construction industry in the Republic of Serbia.

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